Daze of Isolation

What happens when your kids’ schools close, and everyone on your motherhood support team is restricted to Zoom therapy?

This humorous memoir shows two parents forced to become reluctant homeschool teachers, two children trapped in Zoom classes, and the ensuing zany chaos.

Through it all, we see a mom who tries to cope, with notable successes and spectacular failures. She gets through with Diet Coke and prayer; walking for stress relief and cooking for comfort. This book uplifts spirits with laughter and lets moms know they are not alone.

Mothers of adopted kids, foster kids, extra need kids, and all the kids will love this funny, cheeky memoir.

Domestic Tradecraft

Are you living with a tiny terrorist? A short, adorable human who is willing to sacrifice almost anything to accomplish their political agenda?

This tongue-in-cheek guide to parenting helps parents of today up their game. Spies use tradecraft to combat terrorism around the world, and that’s what we need: domestic tradecraft!

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